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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Quick Email - Day 2 MTC

Hello everyone! We were allowed to email home real quick because our P-day isn't until Wednesday. So this will be a quicker email.

So far the MTC has been so many different things. Korean is super hard but my teacher is awesome and so is my district. My companion's name is Elder Maio and he is from Provo. We've worked pretty well together so far and he is really cool. I got pretty lucky from what I can tell.

The First day was SOOOO long but most of the missionaries have been saying it gets better as it goes. It's also been pretty cool to see some familiar faces even only here on the second day in.

Well I have to go but I know that our purpose here as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ and that all the effort we do here at the MTC will prepare us for missionary work, so its important to work hard and study as much as we can. I love you all and next wednesday will be a much longer email on how the first week has gone!

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