3 Nephi 5:13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Homecoming - October 15, 2016

Denver International Airport
"In His plan there are no true endings, just everlasting beginnings." President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 10 - Pictures

Week 10 - Second week in Korea

This week we had quite a crazy schedule and a lot of things going on. We had a lot of appointments and were pretty busy all week which was good!! We taught a lesson to an older man on Monday who was mostly interested in English, but he said he was willing to study the Book of Mormon and then decide if he would pray about it so that's progress! 

Tuesday we taught the younger youth in the church English which was super fun! They played games and raced to see who could pronounce words correctly and their accents trying to pronounce certain English words was super hilarious.
After teaching English class we proselyted the rest of the day and ended up walking 21,000 steps so that was pretty crazy!

Saturday we took our older non member English class on a little hike thing so we could practice their English just talking about things as we hiked. We went to this beautiful park where there were massive tombs for this ancient King and his wife. It's crazy how there can be so many crazy apartments and buildings in Korea and at the same time beautiful historic places as well.

Because of the time difference we ended up watching General Conference this weekend instead of last Saturday and Sunday. For anyone who hasn't watched it yet I would highly recommend doing so! My favorite talks were the talk from Russel M. Nelson, both talks from President Monson, and Elder Holland's talk from the priesthood session. I always take for granted how amazing General Conference is and as I prepared and took notes throughout this time, I was able to feel the spirit more abundantly teach and grow my testimony. 

In between session on Sunday we had a huge meal with the members and we had octopus like squid soup thing and it was delicious! I love the Korean food and the wards here sure know how to do General Conference right.

Last I just want to testify of Jesus Christ and his atonement. I've been reading the New Testament and it just amazes me in every verse how amazing Christ is and how much he loves each and everyone of us. I would hope you all can focus on his love and his atonement this week, and remember that when things are tough, he is always there for us.

Thanks for the messages this week,love you all! 

Elder Burridge

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 9 - First week in 한 국!!!!

Wow I can't believe I'm here in Korea! This week has been so crazy and I have no idea where to start!

First we had our plane ride Monday morning! We had to wake up at 3:30 and then had a two hour flight to Seattle and a 13 hour Flight to the Incheon airport. The flight was the longest ever and after the time change we didn't arrive until 4 P.M Korean time Tuesday! We spent the night at the Mission President’s home and then had some training the next morning. Then we were all assigned our trainers and our new areas that we would be serving in! It was so exciting and we were all super nervous. My trainer's name is Elder Sabey and GUESS WHAT!?!?! He is from Littleton CO, and went to Arapahoe High School! So that was pretty cool and our Mission President said he had no idea as he was assigning the calling.

President and Sister Turner and my new companion Elder Sabey

Our area is called 김 포 (Gim Po) and it is as countryish as South Korea gets, which means basically nothing. We still have enormous apartment buildings and shopping areas. We are on the 18th floor of our apartment which kind of freaks me out for sure. We have a huge soccer arena by our building and there are often games and events there so that's cool!

 The view outside of our apartment

So far speaking Korean has been tough but a lot of fun!! I can understand some things I hear on the streets and at church and so that's always nice! I've learned a lot so far and the studying is a lot easier here in Korea. Most Koreans just think we don't know any Korean because we are foreigners but my companion is amazing at Korean and always surprises them haha.

Our ward is totally awesome. They all laughed at my name all day yesterday because of what it means. It's low form Korean so it's basically what parents say to their kids and it means "you should throw that away". So every member was dying laughing and making puns with it so that was pretty funny.

The food here is pretty much amazing. Me and my companion went to a meat buffet the other day that was sooooo good and last night we ate at a member's house and their food was amazing too. Just all kinds of meats and flavors it’s all great. I haven't had anything too crazy but I've seen all kinds of weird and interesting food on the streets haha.

Elder Sabey enjoying the meat buffet

The culture in Korea is just so interesting. On the busy streets, everywhere, everyone is just so disconnected. The just look at their phone all day with headphones in and are so shocked when we try and just have a conversation with them. I would encourage everyone to try and use their phones a little less this week and enjoy those around you!!!

I finished the Book of Mormon on the plane ride and I just wanted to say how much I love that book. I feel God's love through so many verses and as I prayed throughout reading I received so many small and perfect answers. I know it's true and I'm so thankful for it.

Things are going well in Korea and it's been great hearing from a lot of you all this week!

사 랑 해 요!!!!!
Elder Burridge
All the new Korea Seoul South missionaries and their companions/trainers
 Our apartment! Actually big for Korea haha​
​Our beds, they are mats you roll out​
  Study room
​Huge apartments!
 MTC Companions
 ​Elder Folkman and Armistead​

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Safe arrival in South Korea

Incheon airport, South Korea

Hello Parents,

Today we had 17 wonderful missionaries arrive safely at the airport and were transported to the mission home.
They all enjoyed their first experience of proselyting on the subway on the two hour ride home.
They had their first experiences speaking exclusively their mission language.

We had a wonderful dinner together and learned just a little about each of them.
Attached is the first picture of your son or daughter along with four office staff elders, four elders and two sisters of those who will be training your young missionaries.

Tomorrow they will be interviewed, oriented to the mission, and assigned a companion who will help them for the next twelve weeks settle into their new role here.
Pictures to follow!

Thank you for preparing them and allowing them to serve the Lord and invite the people of this mission to come unto Christ.

We have created a blog which we try to update each week so you can keep updated on what happens in this mission and in this country.
We will share as many pictures as possible for you.  Follow us at: koreaseoulsouthmission.blogspot.com

Know that Sister Turner and I will love these young men and young women like they are our own children.

Thank you again,
Please know of our love for them and for you.

Roger Turner
Korea Seoul South Mission

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 8 - Last MTC Update

WOW, it's crazy to think that I've been here for 8 weeks already and It's even crazier to think that I'll be leaving for Korea in 5 days!!! As unprepared as I feel I am ready to speak Korean all day everyday, I'm so excited to get to Korea and to start serving the people! I'm trying to forget about my 13 hour plane ride but if you could all keep me in your prayers, that I can remain calm during that flight, it would be greatly appreciated haha.

This last week has been super exciting but also a little bit overwhelming. Ever since we got our flight plans on Friday, the days have been flying by and it's actually a little sad. I'm going to miss all the experiences and friends I've made here at the M.T.C. No one told me I would have to say a ton of more goodbyes after leaving for my mission! But, it's super exciting to think about all the great work our district and zone will do, and we are all ready to be in the field and to get to work!

We have In field Orientation tomorrow and then Saturday we have to say bye to our teachers :( Both of my teachers are amazing and I've learned so much from them. Brother Watts is amazing at Korean and truly cares so much about each of us. And he is returning to visit Korea next year so he is going to visit us so that's exciting! Sister Zundell is really awesome too. She teaches so well and we always seem to have something hilarious happen each lesson or class time we have with her. I was truly lucky with both of them! My next teacher will be my first companion basically. I'm excited to meet my trainer and then I'll be with them for the first 12 weeks in the field so all the way until December!!!!

Last night's devotional we heard an awesome message from Sister and Brother Clayton of the 70 presidency. Sister Clayton had the best advice to leave us as we prepare to leave this week. She gave us 4 suggestions:

1.Note the miracles in life. As we keep track of the miracles each day we can see how much of the "Earth is Crammed with heaven". As I've been at the M.T.C, I've kept a gratitude book to keep track of what I'm thankful for each day. I'd encourage everyone to write down any miracles and blessings they feel each day so you can pay attention to just how amazing God's hand is in the World.

2.Trust in Heaven. "If we work our hardest by the grace of God it will be enough".

3. Be patient. "Everything takes time". We think in terms of right now and tomorrow and God thinks in terms of lifetimes and eternals. We have to be patient and know that all things will come eventually and that everything will work out for the best in the end through God's plan.

4. Live with Love. "If we live with love God will help us". We have to love every person in the world like our family, because we are all sisters and brothers. Through love, service and charity we can impact the lives of so many people and serve as our savior did. I want to try and love every person I meet in Korea and do whatever I can to serve them.

These 4 suggestions were just what I needed as I prepare to leave the M.T.C this week and I hope you all can apply them in your life one way or another too.

I love and miss you all so much and greatly appreciate all the love and support from back home!

Until next time from KOREA!! (My P-day will be on Monday in Korea so Sunday night back home!)

사 랑 해 요!!! ( Love you all!)
버 리 지 장 로 (Elder Burridge)

Elder Folkman and Elder Hanson

​삼들 (3's)​​​
Elder Armistead
Elder Smith
Elder Maio's sassy face
Selfie chilling with Elder Smith
Zone leader Burdett with brand new technology!
Elder Maio

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week 7 - MTC Update

Floral ties with my two companions (Smith & Maio) and Elder Ha (the original roommates!)

안 녕 하 세 요 !!!!!

Where has the time gone? I can't believe I have just 12 days until I head off to Seoul! Even though this week felt like a day and a half, I have so many amazing experiences I have no idea where I even want to begin.

My new all Korean Name Tags!!!!!

This week was our first week as a trio companionship and it went really well! Elder Smith's mom is Korean and so he understands and can hear Korean really well, which helps a ton during our lessons and T.R.Cs. Our new room is 1000 times better than our old one too, and so even though we had to move twice it worked out well! The new Korean Elder, Elder Kim, Is totally awesome. He likes to work on his English so we talk to him in Korean and he responds in English! His English is way better but it's still a ton of fun! It's his first time ever in America and so he has so much fun learning about every little thing! We talked about computer games we played, sports, school and about some places and cities in America and it was hilarious. He said the mountains were so pretty but he was worried there would be gangs up there. 😂 Because of Elder Kim, I definitely love the Korean people so much already!

Elder Kim (left) Elder Maio (middle) and Elder Dygert (right)

The Language is getting a little bit tougher as we learn new forms and try and retain them, but I feel like we've all progressed so much over the last week. I have the opportunity to be the District Leader for our last 2 and a half weeks and it's already been quite a blessing in just a few days. I decided we should all try and do a full day where we speak no English! And so yesterday was a complete English fast! We were so worried we wouldn't be able to say anything but it turned out we knew a lot more than we thought we did. It was super nice to practice and learn which common verbs and nouns we didn't know, and I feel like we all benefited greatly from it! It's just quite amazing to see how much you can learn in just 7 short weeks when you’re doing it in order to help and serve others!

We also have had some tremendous luck here at the M.T.C, the last three devotionals we've had have been Apostles!! No JOKE! We had Elder Christofferson last Tuesday, then Elder Ballard on Sunday, and then we were even more shocked to find out Elder Cook was our special speaker last night! They were all such blessings to hear from!

Elder Ballard talked about the impact and everlasting touch of our missionary work. He said "When we die, there will be so many people there to rejoice and embrace us for the work and love we did and showed them during our missions and our lives". I just can't even imagine how excited I would be to meet just one person, much less tons of people that I help and showed love to in my life.

Elder Cook talked about the atonement and our purpose teaching others about the Plan of Salvation. He said " The Atonement of Christ covers everything unfair that's happened in the world". Tough trials and obstacles come into people’s lives and our purpose is to help them understand that Christ's Atonement makes up all the difference. He loved us so much and sacrificed it all, so that we can overcome these trials and live with him and our families again one day. I hope all of you can recognize what an incredible blessing the Atonement is, Moroni 7:41 helps me recognize that and feel our Savior's love each time I read it.

Both of these amazing Apostles left us with such powerful and impactful testimonies and blessings, and I've never felt so sure that I'm really doing what I'm supposed to.

I Love this work and I love growing so close to our Savior and I'm already so thankful for how much I've grown and learned in 7 short weeks. I can't wait to leave in 12 days and I hope everyone back home knows I love and miss them so much!

Thanks for the motivation letters and prayers!

Love and miss you all!

Elder Burridge

Elder De La Bruere (left) and Elder Taylor (middle) from my District
Temple Selfie with Elder Folkman
  Elder Ha's Birthday
Elder Ha and Elder Periera
P-Day, Laundry room Elder Smith, Elder De La Bruere and Elder Maio

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 6 - MTC Update

My companion Elder Maio, me, Elder Folkman and his companion Elder Armistad

안 녕 하 세 요 !!!!!

Another week down and it flew by once again! This week was so fast but a lot changed and a lot of really neat things happened.

Last week we had to move buildings because of construction and because the Sisters had to move buildings because there were bats flying around in their building! So me and my companion moved into a new room with two Elders learning Chinese haha. They were pretty cool but then yesterday we were told by our mission president we would have to move again... In the group of missionaries coming today there is only one Native Korean elder. And so Elder Ha from our district (Who is pretty much fluent) is going to be his new companion. And so with that Me and Elder Maio are getting a third companion for the last three weeks!! Elder Smith is our new companion and we were rooming with him and Elder Ha before we moved the first time so we are really excited. But we had to move all of our stuff for a second time to move into a bigger room to fit everyone... so there is that!

With the new companion Elder Smith

This week the oldest group of Korean speaking missionaries left and so now we are the oldest group in the zone! It's crazy to think we leave in 19 days but at the same time I'm so ready to be there. The Korean is going pretty well too. Our district has been doing our best to SYL (Speak your language) and so we have been progressing a lot this last week. We get to teach two lessons with actually Korean "Maybe Investigators" so that's really exciting!!!

We had two amazing devotionals this last week and two super awesome speakers! We had Chad Lewis who played football for BYU and in the NFL on Sunday, and then yesterday Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the 12 Apostles! Chad Lewis told a lot of amazing stories from his mission and how he was impacted and changed because of all the people he met and loved. That night I couldn't sleep just feeling so amped to meet the people I will be serving.  He said his mission was more important than 9 years in the NFL and catching touchdowns to make it to the Superbowl, which blew my mind.

Elder D.Todd Christofferson's talk last night was pretty amazing too. He taught on repentance and how to help our investigators turn towards God. He also promised as we worked hard and did our best, we would see miracles every day in our lives and in the lives of our investigators.

I'm getting pretty far in the Book of Mormon (Alma chapter 23), and I just restarted it here at the M.T.C. All I can say is that book brings so much happiness and I encourage every one to read and pray about it and you will feel the power and Love of Christ as you do.

I love and miss everyone and love hearing from everyone too!

Elder Burridge

The District squad (Elder Taylor, me, Elder De La Bruere, Elder Maio and Elder Ha

Elder Ha giving me a back massage because I tweaked my back

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 5 - MTC Update 안 영 하 새 요!!! (Hello)

 Zone Photo! (Yes Elder Maio and Elder Ha from my district have the cameras by their faces haha)

안 영 하 새 요!!! (Hello)
(I would type more but typing in Korean is hard!)

This week really flew by!! All of a sudden it was Sunday and then all of a sudden it was Wednesday all over again! We hit our half way mark at the M.T.C last weekend and it's crazy to see another group of Elders and Sisters from our zone preparing to leave this week! I just can't wait to get into the field!

This week we had some more awesome experiences during our lessons and T.R.C's with real Korean members. One of the companionship's in our district learned some funny Korean culture this week when they taught an entire lesson standing up. It's common in Korea for younger kids to wait for their elders to sit before they do, and since they taught a tenth grader he was just standing there. Our teacher taught us to just wait till they sit down and so the companionship just started teaching standing.

My companion and I taught the same kid and it was the best lesson we've had here. We were able to just talk to him for ten minutes about his hobbies and school. He said he liked computer games hiking, playing sports and rapping! And he told us every day he wakes and writes "I will go to Harvard on his mirror". Our lesson was on praying often and studying the scriptures as commandments and it was perfect for him. He had told us its hard to do that so often because school is the most important thing by far in Korean culture. but we promised him as he continued to pray and read he will come closer to God, receive his blessings and feel his love. It was awesome to be able to motivate and help him to keep praying daily and read the scriptures.

The craziest thing is that were doing this in Korean! I don't think I could have said all I did even in English. I'm just so excited to get to the field and try and meet a ton of people like this kid and many others, and to do all I can to help them come unto Christ and the happiness that comes with doing so.

Last night we were able to hear from President Maynes as he addressed us in our Tuesday night devotional. He talked to us about missionary work and also Joseph Smith History. He talked about how there are so many people waiting to hear our message and that if we talk as much as we can we can find them. He also talked about the worth of one missionary. He powerfully told us the story of how one missionary in South America converted just one man on his mission, but that his one convert brought so many unto the gospel. It's just crazy to think how much of an impact one missionary can have on so many lives and the happiness he can bring if he works his hardest and loves the people.

While I'm anxious to leave and we're less than a month away from being in Seoul, I know the work here is important and preparing me to bring that same happiness to so many souls.

I love and miss you all and love hearing from you all each week!
Thanks for all the support,

사 랑 해 요! (Love ya!)
Elder Burridge

With Elder Folkman

Sacrament talk from this week, Look at all those Korean characters!!! (We all have to prepare one each week and its random who gets called)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 4 - MTC Update

Elder Burridge and Elder Folkman both heading to Korea!!

Wow I can't believe I've been "M.T.C ing" for nearly a month now. The time has truly started to fly by. A lot of cool stuff has happened since the last P-day here.

First off, our language studied has definitely ramped up. We've been learning so much and it's quite a lot to take in, but we just try and retain as much as possible and try to SYL (Speak Your language) as much as we can. We learned testimony form this week so that we can bear our testimonies in lessons, and it's been super powerful so far. As we learn more vocab and grammar our lessons have improved as well. We can actually have English fasts now, where we only speak in Korean. While it's frustrating, it's crazy we can communicate so well in 4 short weeks.

The lessons and T.R.C lessons with members have been the most fun and rewarding part of the M.T.C. Teaching with Elder Maio is such a thrill and we always come out of our lessons so pumped and excited to serve in Korea. We've had much more spiritual lessons as well. We've been focusing on asking thoughtful questions and letting the investigators talk a lot more and be involved. We challenged ourselves to bring as little notes into our lessons as possible and we found that we speak much more by the spirit having to make up sentences on the fly and let the gift of tongues guide us.

Korean is tough but I'm so surprised at how far we have progressed in such little time. When you truly are focused on serving and loving the people it makes hard things much simpler. I'm beyond excited to fly into Korea in 5 weeks and start meeting and talking to so many people.

We got the chance to hear from the Nashville Tribute Band the week for a devotional and their music was super powerful. If anyone wants a spiritual lift go check them out. Their song called "My Call to Serve" had half of the room in full tears. It made us all truly realize how important that work is and how little time 2 years is to serve them. Our devotional speaker Juan A. Uceda from the Seventy talked to us last night and gave us a powerful message. He encouraged us to continue to serve with all of our heart might mind and strength (Doctrine and covenants 4:2 if you want to read the scripture), and that if we do God will take care of the rest and silence our doubts.

I'm so thankful to be here at the M.T.C preparing to serve the people of Seoul and I can't wait to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength every day.

Love you all and thanks for the letters/ Dear Elders/emails etc,

Elder Burridge

 Elder Hanson heading to the Philippines

Sister Boyack and her Companion heading to Alabama.
 Temple Selfie
 Chilling with the Companion
 Elder Ha in my District
Church Talk in Korean!