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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 5 - MTC Update 안 영 하 새 요!!! (Hello)

 Zone Photo! (Yes Elder Maio and Elder Ha from my district have the cameras by their faces haha)

안 영 하 새 요!!! (Hello)
(I would type more but typing in Korean is hard!)

This week really flew by!! All of a sudden it was Sunday and then all of a sudden it was Wednesday all over again! We hit our half way mark at the M.T.C last weekend and it's crazy to see another group of Elders and Sisters from our zone preparing to leave this week! I just can't wait to get into the field!

This week we had some more awesome experiences during our lessons and T.R.C's with real Korean members. One of the companionship's in our district learned some funny Korean culture this week when they taught an entire lesson standing up. It's common in Korea for younger kids to wait for their elders to sit before they do, and since they taught a tenth grader he was just standing there. Our teacher taught us to just wait till they sit down and so the companionship just started teaching standing.

My companion and I taught the same kid and it was the best lesson we've had here. We were able to just talk to him for ten minutes about his hobbies and school. He said he liked computer games hiking, playing sports and rapping! And he told us every day he wakes and writes "I will go to Harvard on his mirror". Our lesson was on praying often and studying the scriptures as commandments and it was perfect for him. He had told us its hard to do that so often because school is the most important thing by far in Korean culture. but we promised him as he continued to pray and read he will come closer to God, receive his blessings and feel his love. It was awesome to be able to motivate and help him to keep praying daily and read the scriptures.

The craziest thing is that were doing this in Korean! I don't think I could have said all I did even in English. I'm just so excited to get to the field and try and meet a ton of people like this kid and many others, and to do all I can to help them come unto Christ and the happiness that comes with doing so.

Last night we were able to hear from President Maynes as he addressed us in our Tuesday night devotional. He talked to us about missionary work and also Joseph Smith History. He talked about how there are so many people waiting to hear our message and that if we talk as much as we can we can find them. He also talked about the worth of one missionary. He powerfully told us the story of how one missionary in South America converted just one man on his mission, but that his one convert brought so many unto the gospel. It's just crazy to think how much of an impact one missionary can have on so many lives and the happiness he can bring if he works his hardest and loves the people.

While I'm anxious to leave and we're less than a month away from being in Seoul, I know the work here is important and preparing me to bring that same happiness to so many souls.

I love and miss you all and love hearing from you all each week!
Thanks for all the support,

사 랑 해 요! (Love ya!)
Elder Burridge

With Elder Folkman

Sacrament talk from this week, Look at all those Korean characters!!! (We all have to prepare one each week and its random who gets called)

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