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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 3 - MTC Update

Today is my one third mark of the M.T.C! While sometimes it feels like I've been here years, it's really crazy how fast the time has flown by and how much I feel like I've grown in 3 weeks! While the routine here is pretty much the same each week the experiences have been awesome and truly amazing from day to day.

Asian languages are no joke, Korean is one of the easier Asian languages and it's been extremely tough to learn. Korean has 3 forms, Low form for friends and family to use, middle form most people use, and then a high form to show much respect and honor. We as missionaries learn the high form which is the most complex and then in the field we can use the middle form too. I've really tried to not stress about where I'm at, and to just work as hard as I can and I know the language will come to me eventually.

We learned a lot more about Korean culture this week too. Me and Elder Maio have been taking off our shoes and teaching on the floor to practice for lessons in Korea. It's pretty funny but kind of relaxing at the same time. I also learned that in Korea I would be 20 years old technically so that's pretty cool.

We got our English last names translated for our Korean name tags and mine is pronounced "Buh Ri Jhi " I'll type it out in another Email later in Korean characters. It sounds super close to the verb that means "throwing something away" So people there might think I'm Elder Trash... oh well. Our teacher also told me that one lesson I called her "Ha Mae Neem" instead of "Ja Mah Neem". So instead of calling her Sister I called her a Hippo so that's hilarious. We also have a kid in our district who has been saying "O Bah Ji' instead of "Ah Boh Ji" in his prayers. So instead of saying oh God our Heavenly Father, he has been saying Oh God, Our Heavenly Pants, I'm sure God understands Korean is tough.

This week me and my companion taught A T.R.C lesson which is a lesson with a real Korean Member. We were super prepared and the spirit was so alive as we gave our message about faith and the Holy ghost in Korean. It was one of the most powerful spirit filled moment I've ever had. After Elder Maio in Korean said "While our Korean is still bad, Our message is true" and I'll probably never forget that.

The oldest district here left this week, and no one warned me I would have even more goodbyes once I started my mission. They were all super great examples and awesome friends and I can't wait to serve with some of them one day and see how well their missions go.

After this week I feel ready to be in Korea and to start having real experiences in the world. While the time at the M.T.C is super important, I just want to be there so badly. But, I know this gospel is real and that there are people in Korea ready for me to meet and serve and invite to come unto Christ.

As always thanks for the emails and Dear Elder Letters, I love hearing from all of you

Love you all,

Elder Burridge

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