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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 4 - MTC Update

Elder Burridge and Elder Folkman both heading to Korea!!

Wow I can't believe I've been "M.T.C ing" for nearly a month now. The time has truly started to fly by. A lot of cool stuff has happened since the last P-day here.

First off, our language studied has definitely ramped up. We've been learning so much and it's quite a lot to take in, but we just try and retain as much as possible and try to SYL (Speak Your language) as much as we can. We learned testimony form this week so that we can bear our testimonies in lessons, and it's been super powerful so far. As we learn more vocab and grammar our lessons have improved as well. We can actually have English fasts now, where we only speak in Korean. While it's frustrating, it's crazy we can communicate so well in 4 short weeks.

The lessons and T.R.C lessons with members have been the most fun and rewarding part of the M.T.C. Teaching with Elder Maio is such a thrill and we always come out of our lessons so pumped and excited to serve in Korea. We've had much more spiritual lessons as well. We've been focusing on asking thoughtful questions and letting the investigators talk a lot more and be involved. We challenged ourselves to bring as little notes into our lessons as possible and we found that we speak much more by the spirit having to make up sentences on the fly and let the gift of tongues guide us.

Korean is tough but I'm so surprised at how far we have progressed in such little time. When you truly are focused on serving and loving the people it makes hard things much simpler. I'm beyond excited to fly into Korea in 5 weeks and start meeting and talking to so many people.

We got the chance to hear from the Nashville Tribute Band the week for a devotional and their music was super powerful. If anyone wants a spiritual lift go check them out. Their song called "My Call to Serve" had half of the room in full tears. It made us all truly realize how important that work is and how little time 2 years is to serve them. Our devotional speaker Juan A. Uceda from the Seventy talked to us last night and gave us a powerful message. He encouraged us to continue to serve with all of our heart might mind and strength (Doctrine and covenants 4:2 if you want to read the scripture), and that if we do God will take care of the rest and silence our doubts.

I'm so thankful to be here at the M.T.C preparing to serve the people of Seoul and I can't wait to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength every day.

Love you all and thanks for the letters/ Dear Elders/emails etc,

Elder Burridge

 Elder Hanson heading to the Philippines

Sister Boyack and her Companion heading to Alabama.
 Temple Selfie
 Chilling with the Companion
 Elder Ha in my District
Church Talk in Korean!

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  1. Great update. So cool to see the Korean writing. Keep it up!!!