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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 9 - First week in 한 국!!!!

Wow I can't believe I'm here in Korea! This week has been so crazy and I have no idea where to start!

First we had our plane ride Monday morning! We had to wake up at 3:30 and then had a two hour flight to Seattle and a 13 hour Flight to the Incheon airport. The flight was the longest ever and after the time change we didn't arrive until 4 P.M Korean time Tuesday! We spent the night at the Mission President’s home and then had some training the next morning. Then we were all assigned our trainers and our new areas that we would be serving in! It was so exciting and we were all super nervous. My trainer's name is Elder Sabey and GUESS WHAT!?!?! He is from Littleton CO, and went to Arapahoe High School! So that was pretty cool and our Mission President said he had no idea as he was assigning the calling.

President and Sister Turner and my new companion Elder Sabey

Our area is called 김 포 (Gim Po) and it is as countryish as South Korea gets, which means basically nothing. We still have enormous apartment buildings and shopping areas. We are on the 18th floor of our apartment which kind of freaks me out for sure. We have a huge soccer arena by our building and there are often games and events there so that's cool!

 The view outside of our apartment

So far speaking Korean has been tough but a lot of fun!! I can understand some things I hear on the streets and at church and so that's always nice! I've learned a lot so far and the studying is a lot easier here in Korea. Most Koreans just think we don't know any Korean because we are foreigners but my companion is amazing at Korean and always surprises them haha.

Our ward is totally awesome. They all laughed at my name all day yesterday because of what it means. It's low form Korean so it's basically what parents say to their kids and it means "you should throw that away". So every member was dying laughing and making puns with it so that was pretty funny.

The food here is pretty much amazing. Me and my companion went to a meat buffet the other day that was sooooo good and last night we ate at a member's house and their food was amazing too. Just all kinds of meats and flavors it’s all great. I haven't had anything too crazy but I've seen all kinds of weird and interesting food on the streets haha.

Elder Sabey enjoying the meat buffet

The culture in Korea is just so interesting. On the busy streets, everywhere, everyone is just so disconnected. The just look at their phone all day with headphones in and are so shocked when we try and just have a conversation with them. I would encourage everyone to try and use their phones a little less this week and enjoy those around you!!!

I finished the Book of Mormon on the plane ride and I just wanted to say how much I love that book. I feel God's love through so many verses and as I prayed throughout reading I received so many small and perfect answers. I know it's true and I'm so thankful for it.

Things are going well in Korea and it's been great hearing from a lot of you all this week!

사 랑 해 요!!!!!
Elder Burridge
All the new Korea Seoul South missionaries and their companions/trainers
 Our apartment! Actually big for Korea haha​
​Our beds, they are mats you roll out​
  Study room
​Huge apartments!
 MTC Companions
 ​Elder Folkman and Armistead​

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much for sharing! Great post and wonderful pictures. :)